Recipes From My Tokri

Sarson Ka Saag

Recipe contribution –

I was trying to find my grandmother Vir Kaur’s recipe for Sarson Ka Saag. My father and cousin gave me recipes which were very similar so they’re probably close to the original. At home Varuna adds tomatoes and I’ve put that down as optional.

My father, Jasbir Sachdev
My cousin, Bina Pahwa and
Varuna Thapa


Mustard Greens



1 kg Mustard Greens

500 gm Bathua

250 gm Spinach


Ginger – 1” pc – chopped roughly

Green Chillis – 2

Maize Flour/Makki Ka Atta– ½ Cup

Oil or Ghee – 1 tbsp

Garlic – 4 cloves – paste

Onions – 2 small – chopped finely

Tomatoes – 2 small – chopped finely – optional

White Butter

Take the leaves and stalks of the Sarson, Bathua and Spinach and chop roughly. Put it into a thick-bottomed pan, add salt and roughly chopped ginger. Let it boil without adding any water and then simmer for about 15 minutes.

Blend the leaves in a blender but not to a paste. It tastes nicer if it’s a bit coarse.

Heat some oil; add garlic paste, the chopped onions and after a few minutes the tomatoes. When the oil separates add to the leaves with the Makki Ka Atta.

Cook for another 10 minutes on medium flame.

Serve with Makki Ka Roti with dollops of white butter on top of both and some Gur/Jaggery.


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