Tokri of the Month –

When we were growing up there was no such thing as non seasonal fruit and vegetables. It meant months of watery veggies like Bottle Gourd/Ghia, SquashMelon/Tinda and Sponge Melon/Tori and then months of Peas/Mattar and Carrots/Gajar.
You get everything through the year now but vegetables in season taste great and look better too.

This is my January list of the vegetables and fruit –

Potato – Alu

Mustard Leaves – Sarson Ka Saag

Turnip – Shalgam

Carrots – Gajar

Spinach – Palak

Fenugreek Leaves – Methi

Cauliflower – Phul Gobi

Peas – Mattar

Cabbage – Band Gobi

Daikon – Mooli

Tomato – Tamatar

Capsicum – Shimla Mirchi

Eggplant – Baingan

Sweet potato – Shakarkandi

French Beans – Frans Beans

Okra – Bhindi

Pumpkin – Kadu







Figs – Anjeer

Grapes – Angoor


Pomegranate -Anar

Oranges – Santra



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