Eggs from Kerseong, Bread from Delhi

Eggs from Kerseong, Bread from Delhi


My daughter’s nanny Varuna brings back eggs for us when she goes home for her holidays to a village near Kerseong in the Darjeeling hills. Her mother has 8 hens and I think she deprives her family of eggs for the whole period she’s at home. They taste amazing. Rich, intense flavour, with beautiful golden yolks. They make the best fried eggs. Her mother packs then in a jar with atta (whole wheat flour) to stop them from breaking. Naira gets very excited watching the eggs emerge from the ‘sand’.  It’s like a treasure hunt.

The other day I made bacon and eggs. I made toast with bread I get from Delhi. There’s a story to the bread too. My parent’s breadwala Dharam Chand has been delivering bread to us for the last 45 years. He has a bicycle with a metal box attached to it, filled with delicious freshly baked bread, made in a bakery in Maharani Bagh. He bicycles from there to Sundar Nagar, on to Defence Colony and finally reaches us in Kailash Colony at night. We’re one his last stops.

It makes the most amazing toast with lots and lots of butter.


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