Auspicious Apples

Auspicious Apples


We get delicious Fuji Apples from China in the market. I bought a kilo the other day and this face popped out at me. I’m not sure what it is – God/Demon/Monk, but it broke our hearts when we ate it.

I looked it up on the net and these apples are produced for Chinese New Year. Some of the images I found had blessings for health and prosperity. I found some dog pictures for Year of the Dog but couldn’t find any Year of the Dragon apples. What I did find were apples with the Apple logo and iPods.

They stick a stencil on to the apple while its still on the tree and as it ripens the bit under the stencil stays yellow. Very very clever.

These are some other images I found on the net –

and the Apple apples

Images from the following links –



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