Easter in Delhi and Mumbai

Easter in Delhi and Mumbai

St Andrew's Church, Bandra, Mumbai

St Andrew’s Church, Bandra, Mumbai

My mother is a Protestant and we’ve always celebrated Easter, but in a simple way. Hot cross buns for Good Friday and Chocolate and Marzipan eggs from Wengers in Connaught Place for Easter. She would hide the eggs and my brother and I had to find them, while she shouted hot and cold depending on how close we were. And that was it. I’ve had treasure hunts for my daughter and her friends in Bombay but this year we were in Delhi and it was back to our traditional Easter with my daughter, niece and nephews.

Box from the Wenger's Cake Shop

Box from the Wenger’s Cake Shop

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Good Friday and Easter is a very important festival for the Roman Catholic community in Bombay. They have a 40-day Lent where everyone gives up a favourite food and on the Thursday before Easter they fast without any food for the whole day. Saturday evening is Midnight Mass and they break their fast with wine and cake. Sunday is feast time.

Marzipan, Guava Cheese and Date Cake

Marzipan Guava Cheese and Date Cake
Bombay Christian Treats

I would love to eat a traditional Goan, East Indian or Mangalorean Christian feast. I asked some of my friends what they eat and this is the list I got-  Roast Chickens, Vindaloos and Sorpotels. They also eat Pancakes with coconut and cashew nuts and Marzipan. The marzipan is made from cashew nuts and they add rose water. Maybe I’ll get invited one year ….


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