I’ve misquoted a line from a funny episode of a BBC tv series, “Goodness Gracious Me”. The Indian mum out for an Italian meal with her family, insists she can make pasta better and cheaper at home. “All you need is an aubergine”.

Less for reasons of economy and more for the joy of food, this is my food blog – the whole experience – the markets, restaurants, kitchen shops, cookbooks, cooking shows, websites, blogs, cooking with and for family and friends.

I taught myself to cook basically so that I could eat good food. But even after years of cooking I find long complicated recipes scary. This is my stash of recipes that I’ve demystified – some of them are very basic but they’ve all been tried and tested and taste good.

I’ve always loved exploring and finding stories about those places. This started off purely as a food blog but now includes both my interests. I can always find a food connection wherever I go.

And, eggplants are my favourite vegetable.

Kiran Sachdev


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! I’ve just discovered your blog, I love aubergines, too! I can’t wait to have some time to read all you have written before, especially aubergine recipes! 😀

  2. Kiran Sachdeva,

    By sheer serendipity i discovered your blog while on google search looking for agricultural marketing in India. Great presentations and the most I like is your willingness to share the recipes of small town folk with the world. I appreciate your initiative. Will be following your blog.


  3. Kiran,
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Nainital ( I grew up there ) and the description which brought back many memories. A friend posted the link on the Nainital Nostalgia FB page.

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