Weird and Wonderful Vegetables (and Fruit)

My neighbour gave us some fruit I’d never seen before. She called it Tadgola. The taste was unusual – watery and like eating a slightly sweet jellyfish. Well, it does look like bits of jellyfish. It actually tastes a bit like the flesh you get inside a coconut after drinking the water. It was odd, but perfect for this weather. And this is the season for the fruit.


IMG_8165 copy

I looked it up.Tadgola (in Marathi) is called Ice-apple in English (lovely name), Nungu in Tamil, Tala in Oriya, Tari in Hindi, Taal in Bengali, Tale Hannu or Tateningu in Kannada, Pana Nanguin in Malayalam, Munjal in Urdu, Tadfali in Gujarati and Targula in Konkani. I haven’t put down any of the non-Indian names.

The tree is the Borassus flabellifer, the Asian Palmyra palm, Toddy palm, Sugar palm or Cambodian palm. It grows from Pakistan to Indonesia.

More about tadgola –